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What Happens When A Country Band Makes An R&B Album

"Sad sex jams" courtesy of Night Beds.

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Meet Night Beds. Two years ago, the Nashville-based band released its acclaimed alt-country debut, Country Sleep.

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The album's masterful, atmospheric recording and singer-songwriter Winston Yellen's intimate lyrics appropriately won Night Beds plenty of fans. The band received favorable comparisons to the likes of Ryan Adams and Jeff Buckley during Country Sleep's album cycle.

However, Winston Yellen has decided to take Night Beds in a surprisingly different direction for the band's sophomore effort, Ivywild. It's an R&B album comprised of what Yellen calls "sad sex jams."

Dead Oceans

Inspired by Kanye West's Yeezus and J Dilla, Ivywild is a break-up album with that you can dance to.

While Night Bed's acoustic guitars have been replaced by electronic beats, Yellin's smooth croon remains. The new direction suits Yellin, and it especially succeeds on this new track, "[9-6] Slack-Jaw".

Who knew country and R&B had so much in common? Ivywild is due out August 7th on Dead Oceans.