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Here Are Some Things The NFL Will And Won't Suspend You For

Spoiler: Marijuana will get you the worst suspensions.

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Ripping off your opponent's helmet, then slamming his unprotected head into it.

Verdict: No suspension!

Testing positive for marijuana.

Martavis Bryant does drugs and gets a 4 game suspension. Tom Brady and the Patriots cheat in the AFC championship game and nothing happens.

Kicking off your opponent's helmet.

Verdict: No suspension!

Drinking a beer on vacation while part of the NFL's substance abuse program.

Broncos K Matt Prater officially suspended 4 games for violating NFL's substance abuse policy - via @SportsCenter

Stepping on the opposing quarterback's injured leg.

Verdict: One-game suspension, overturned on appeal!

Testing positive for alcohol while part of the NFL's substance abuse program.

Browns' Josh Gordon suspended for one year without pay via @USATODAY @GRIMSWISSER @bubcarter1983

Deflating footballs to a PSI deemed illegal by the league.

Verdict: Four-game suspension, overturned on appeal!

Knocking your fiancée unconscious with a punch, then dragging her unresponsive body out of an elevator as captured by hotel security cameras.

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Verdict: Two-game suspension! (Lengthened indefinitely after more incriminating video surfaced, but later successfully appealed!)

Kicking the opposing punter in the face.

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Possession of 20 grams of marijuana.

Source: #Steelers RB Le'Veon bell handed 3-game suspension for marijuana charges, DUI arrest

This hit.

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Verdict: No suspension!

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