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    29 Things Every '90s Emo Kid Definitely Remembers

    Before the asymmetrical bangs and plugs, there were cardigans and cat eye glasses.

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    1. Ever ask yourself, AM I EMO?

    2. Let's find out. Ever wear chokers?

    Vagrant Records / Via

    Because being slowly suffocated to death over the course of the day isn't just for girls anymore.

    3. Chokers paired with super small sweatshirts and man bangs?

    4. What about an argyle sweater?. And argyle sweater vests?

    Maybe also a belt with some stars?

    5. You probably had some Pumas, like the ones Blake from Jawbreaker's wearing.

    Blackball Records

    6. And chunky shoes with exposed socks.



    7. Also track jackets.


    8. Girls wore cat's eye glasses.

    Vagrant / Via

    The ultimate "sexy nerd" accessory. Why did these ever go away?

    9. Guys usually went for some version of this look.

    10. Your closet was filled with vintage tees from thrift stores.

    Texas Is The Reason @ The Blue Chair, Tampa, FL, 3/17/1996

    Bonus points if they're from random family reunions or summer softball leagues.

    11. And so many cardigans.

    Geffen / Via

    They're like wearing a hug.

    12. You had a Freddy Krueger sweater or two.

    While he wasn't trying to kill you in your nightmares, Freddy was hanging out at Get Up Kids shows.

    13. You wore soccer jerseys, whether you played or not.

    Crank Records

    What sport is more emo than soccer?

    14. Ringer tees, like this dude in the Maritime.

    Dangerbird Records

    It says I'M A VIRGIN.

    And ok, this band didn't form til 2003, but this picture is perfect.

    15. Three things of note here: Slightly shrunken band tee, studded belt, and all of it recorded on a polaroid bc no digital cameras or mobile phones yet.

    16. Dat white belt, tho.

    17. You dressed up so you could look like one of the dudes in Refused.


    18. And the later on, like one of the cool kids in International Noise Conspiracy.

    Epitaph Records

    GET IT?

    19. You had one of these tees, or coveted one of these tees.

    Courtesy Tom Mullen / Washed Up Emo

    20. You carried all your shit in a big ass messenger bag.

    21. Which you probably covered in tons of pins.

    Courtesy Tom Mullen / Washed Up Emo

    22. But also, let's talk about the hair. You probably had a haircut like this.

    23. Or perhaps, something like this.

    Cos you cut it yourself.

    24. Or this.

    25. Baby bangs? Yep, baby bangs.

    Schemmer, Cynthia A / Via

    26. And headbands? Yep, definitely.

    27. And oh yeah, what about these two? You haddddd to dye your hair black if you were a natural blonde.

    Bryan Poerner / Facebook: bryan.poerner

    28. If you were a dude, you might have bleached your hair with shitty at-home box bleach.


    Like the dude in Christie Front Drive.

    29. But hey, no matter what you wore, you were always there for the music.

    Tom Mullen / Facebook: washedupemo