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    27 New Songs You Need To Hear

    From Lorde to Gorillaz, Kendrick Lamar to Michelle Branch.

    1. Lorde — "Green Light"

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    Continuing in the grand old tradition of songs titled "Green Light" being very good (see also: Pitbull, Beyoncé, John Legend), Lorde's first single off of her follow-up to her 2013 debut Pure Heroine is already the unofficial Song of Spring. As the temperature outside rises, there's no time like the present to dramatically dance around on the street.

    Melodrama is out June 16 on Republic Records.

    2. Kendrick Lamar — "Humble"

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    Not one to shy away from grandiose statements, Kendrick Lamar's video for "Humble" is already being declared a visual masterpiece. A perfectionist, Lamar can seemingly only be topped by himself, and the run-up to his TBD 2017 album should be one hell of a spectacle.

    Kendrick Lamar's new album could be out at any moment, so prepare yourself accordingly.

    3. Lana Del Rey — "Love"

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    According to her cinematic and happy-sad new single, "Love" is... well, whatever Lana Del Rey says inspires you to get up in the morning. In about three months or so the inevitable dance remix of this will no doubt leave people in tears at the club.

    Lust for Life is "coming soon" on Interscope/Polydor.

    4. Gorillaz feat. Vince Staples — "Ascension"

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    Damon Albarn have Jamie Hewlett have thankfully decided to put their differences aside to bestow upon us the gift of a new Gorillaz album. Of the five tracks that have been released so far, "Ascension" is the most immediately attention-grabbing, due in no small part to guest rapper Vince Staples.

    Humanz is out April 28 on Parlophone/Warner Bros.

    5. Beach Fossils — "This Year"

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    Four years after 2013's Crash the Truth, and a year after starring as The Nasty Bits on HBO's Vinyl, Brooklyn-based Beach Fossils are back. And, if "This Year," is any indication, we're in for another fantastic album of the band's trademark breezy indie pop. Why worry when you have the perfect warm weather soundtrack?

    Somersault is out June 2 on Bayonet Records.

    6. PWR BTTM — "Answer My Text"

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    Queer punk duo PWR BTTM are quickly proving themselves to be power pop virtuosos with each new single from their forthcoming sophomore album. "Answer My Text" is a song for anyone who has ever felt the teenage awkwardness of having a crush, even well after their teen years are over. And for those of you who can't text back...what's your deal???

    Pageant is out May 12 on Polyvinyl.

    7. Michelle Branch — "Hopeless Romantic"

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    Yes, THAT Michelle Branch, back with her first new full-length in 14 years! The moody textures present in the title track for her new LP demonstrate Branch's evolution as a songwriter. With lyrical content focusing on her recent divorce and new relationship with Patrick Carney of The Black Keys (who also produced the album), Hopeless Romantic will show a side of Branch we didn't see when she was topping the pop charts in the early 2000s.

    Hopeless Romantic is out April 7 on Verve.

    8. Spoon — "Can I Sit Next to You"

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    Spoon's incredible consistency has already been chronicled time and time again, so I'll just let this tune speak for itself.

    Hot Thoughts is out now on Matador Records.

    9. Future — "Fresh Air"

    Released about a month before spring officially started, "Fresh Air" is sort of the perfect seasonal meditation. After sitting around cooped up for the last few months, it's time to get out of the house and try something new.

    HNDRXX is out now on A1/Freebandz/Epic.

    10. Real Estate — "Darling"

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    At this point, probably hundreds of bands have tried (and failed) to reconstruct the formula that is "a Real Estate-sounding song." Of course, no one does it better than the originators themselves, and if you don't feel instantly better after hearing "Darling," I can't help you.

    Mind is out now on Domino.

    11. At The Drive In — "Incurably Innocent"

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    Yes, yet another band that hasn't released new material in years and years. However, an actual new At The Drive In record seemed incredibly unlikely for the past decade, especially considering the members' many projects (The Mars Volta, Sparta, Antemasque, etc.). Reassuringly, "Incurably Innocent" is a return to the post-hardcore sound that many thought singer Cedric Bixler-Zavala and guitarist Omar Rodríguez-López were "over." Fingers crossed that the new album recaptures at least a small portion of the energy and impact that was 2000's classic Relationship of Command.

    In•ter a•li•a is out May 5 on Rise Records.

    12. Future Islands — "Ran"

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    In a year when a looming sense of hopelessness seems to be pervading almost everything around us, it's a blessing that we have a new Future Islands album on the way. "Ran" is exactly the kind of inspiring, soaring rock anthem that we could all use about now.

    The Far Field is out April 7 on 4AD.

    13. The Drums — "Blood Under My Belt"

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    "Blood Under My Belt" is a return to form for The Drums, now a fully-fledged solo project from frontman Jonny Pierce. Clearly, Pierce is still very capable of creating the bouncy, romantic indie pop that made people fall in love with the band in the first place.

    "Abysmal Thoughts" is out June 16 on Anti-.

    14. Mac Demarco — "My Old Man"

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    The patron saint of chill-ass vibes, Mac Demarco's latest single is a deeply introspective look at growing up. But, for those worried about Mac's "mature" new sound, note that he's still not above using a spooky 3D skeleton in his music video.

    This Old Dog is out May 5 on Captured Tracks.

    15. Charli XCX feat. Starrah and Raye — "Dreamer"

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    Every season needs at least one song that can be used as a way to accidentally blow out someone's brand new subwoofers. Maybe pity your Uber or Lyft driver and only crank this track in your own designated vehicle?

    Number 1 Angel is out now on Asylum Records.

    16. She-Devils — "The World Laughs"

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    Once you hear Audrey Ann Boucher's voice, you too will be hooked on She-Devils.

    She-Devils is out May 19 on Secretly Canadian.

    17. Girlpool — "123"

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    What would famously drummer-less indie punkers Girlpool sound like with drums? Apparently, still pretty great.

    Powerplant is out May 12 on Anti-.

    18. Slowdive — "Star Roving"

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    The most surprising thing about all of these early-'90s shoegaze bands reuniting over the past few years is how their new music sounds just as good as their old stuff. It's like the last two decades didn't even happen! Slowdive is no exception, and the conspiracy that 2017 is actually a time portal to 1993 is on.

    Slowdive is out May 5 on Dead Oceans.

    19. Sylvan Esso — "Die Young"

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    Following the surprise success of their 2014 self-titled debut, expectations are high for Sylvan Esso's follow-up being released later this month. Judging from the album's powerfully soulful first single "Die Young," the duo should be just fine.

    What Now is out April 28 on Loma Vista Recordings.

    20. Dude York — "Love Is"

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    Does having your ass audibly kicked by a Seattle rock trio with a penchant for pop hooks sound appealing? Then Dude York is your spring soundtrack for staying up too late and making mistakes.

    Sincerely is out now on Hardly Art

    21. The Shins — "Name for You"

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    13 years after changing Zach Braff's life forever, James Mercer and The Shins are still at it. "Name for You" sets the tone for their latest LP: Full of big arrangements while still remaining grounded and effortlessly poppy.

    Heartworms is out now on Columbia.

    22. Fazerdaze — "Lucky Girl"

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    If you're the type who likes to dance like no one's watching, behold New Zealand's Amelia Murray and her project Fazerdaze. Wistfully forlorn but beamingly optimistic, "Lucky Girl" is a fitting way to welcome the sunshine after hard rain.

    Morningside is out May 5 on Flying Nun.

    23. Bleached — "Flipside"

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    If you're a fan of '90s pop-punk and you've slept on Bleached until now, please change that right away. Also, motion to bring back the phrase "meet me on the flipside" into popular usage, please?

    The Can You Deal? EP is out now on Dead Oceans.

    24. The New Pornographers — "High Ticket Attractions"

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    Speaking again of bands who haven't missed a step, The New Pornographers' latest ranks as highly in the band's discography as anything. Additionally, it's just good to hear Neko Case and Carl Newman singing together again.

    Whiteout Conditions is out April 7 on Collected Works Records/Concord.

    25. Louis the Child feat. Elohim — "Love Is Alive"

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    Chicago EDM duo Louis the Child brought on mysterious electropop singer Elohim for their latest single. "Love is Alive" is equal parts sexy and hypnotic, the perfect soundtrack to cool spring nights.

    The Love Is Alive EP is out now on Ultra Music.

    26. Jay Som — "Baybee"

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    Oakland-based Melina Duterte has been turning heads in the past year as Jay Som with personal but catchy songwriting demonstrated on "Baybee." Having just released her second album in just eight months, it would be an understatement to say that she's on a hell of a roll.

    Everybody Works is out now on Polyvinyl Records.

    27. Laura Marling — "Nothing, Not Nearly"

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    Though more about fall than spring, Laura Marling's "Nothing, Not Nearly" is a gorgeous piece of contemporary American folk (despite Marling actually being British). While you stumble out of winter hibernation and into the romantic throes of spring, remember Marling's words of wisdom: "Once it's gone, then it's gone / Love waits for no one."

    Semper Femina is out now on More Alarming Records.

    Listen to all of these new songs with this handy Spotify playlist. May your spring be devoid of April showers and replete with May flowers.