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25 Things That Might Be Dead

"Is he dead or nah?"

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1. This pup

Sometimes I can't tell if my dog is dead or alive

2. This paws-up guy

I'm always in a constant state of worry because my cat looks dead when he's sleeping which is 24/7.

3. This guy


4. This dog

Is it..... Is it dead...... Naw that crazy as dog just sleeps like that lol

5. This...bird?

6. This cat

7. This baby

Is it...dead? via /r/funny #funny

8. This L-shaped cat

my cat is playing a game called "figure out if I'm comfy or dead"


10. This cat

11. This cat too

12. This dog

Is it hot or something? Should I poke it? Is it dead?

13. This guy

Is it dead??? @miniminter7 @KSIOlajidebt


14. This cat going from the window to the wall

My cat likes to play dead like a possum, that ish is not funny

15. This guy

16. Jon Snow

Spotted another crow. But is he dead or alive? @RaviniaFestival #gots

17. This guy

18. This cat


19. This dog

“@savannapaddy: We woke up like this lmao flawless 💁 ” is he dead lmao

20. This dude

Oh no! My cat is dead! JK that's how she sleeps XD

21. Tony Romo

Dawg.. Is he dead tho? RT @Ronnie2K: Jerry Jones interviewed and then this happens #BlameJerry

22. This cat

My neighbours cat is sunbathing but it looks like he's dead after falling off the roof

23. This big guy

"Look at my dog. It looks dead. It kinda looks like the Trojan horse. Looks like Odysseus is about to pop out"

24. This dog

Anyway here is a picture of my dog he's not dead he was just doing a sideways stretch

25. And finally, this guy

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