25 Things That Might Be Dead

“Is he dead or nah?”

1. This pup

2. This paws-up guy

3. This guy

4. This dog

5. This…bird?

6. This cat

is it dead

— o,...,o (@themadpilot)

7. This baby

Is it...dead? via /r/funny http://t.co/qbTmsTO6u3 #funny

— Reddit Funny (@redditfunnybot)

8. This L-shaped cat

my cat is playing a game called "figure out if I'm comfy or dead"

— katie (@kthrynmrcr)

9. These guys

10. This cat

Is it dead

— in love w the koko (@KidKhloe)

11. This cat too

Is it dead?

— Kelly (@W3dd1e)

12. This dog

Is it hot or something? Should I poke it? Is it dead?

— ☠ Eliana Joy ☠ (@Ejblumenthal)

13. This guy

Is it dead??? @miniminter7 @KSIOlajidebt

— _JacBaker [SDMN] (@Jac_Baker)

14. This cat going from the window to the wall

My cat likes to play dead like a possum, that ish is not funny

— ROSS (@Pragmatism14)

15. This guy

Is he dead *pokes him*

— Nessa (@JustTheBananas)

16. Jon Snow

Spotted another crow. But is he dead or alive? @RaviniaFestival #gots

— Eric Prado (@Hey_Prado)

17. This guy


— Law (@xLaaww)

18. This cat

Is he dead or chillin ?

— halløween queen (@Mxkxylxpxige)

19. This dog

“@savannapaddy: We woke up like this lmao flawless 💁 ” is he dead lmao

— Ace Benji (@theblackhussle)

20. This dude

Oh no! My cat is dead! JK that's how she sleeps XD

— Michelle Rizzo (@Michelle_KPfan)

21. Tony Romo

Dawg.. Is he dead tho? RT @Ronnie2K: Jerry Jones interviewed and then this happens #BlameJerry

— Alex Fine (@alexfine0)

22. This cat

My neighbours cat is sunbathing but it looks like he's dead after falling off the roof

— Katie Deacon (@Curly_Katie)

23. This big guy

"Look at my dog. It looks dead. It kinda looks like the Trojan horse. Looks like Odysseus is about to pop out"

— Ansley Cartwright (@ansley1512)

24. This dog

Anyway here is a picture of my dog he's not dead he was just doing a sideways stretch

— Prayer Warrior (@flat_snake)

25. And finally, this guy

Is he dead or nah?

— Ethan Roberts (@ETRoberts21)

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