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    Apr 7, 2015

    23 Reasons The Wisconsin Badgers Still Won The NCAA Tournament

    U-rah-rah Wisconsin! Praise to thee we sing!

    1. Because the Badgers were already champions before the tournament started.

    Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images

    A regular season school record for wins. Big Ten champions. Big Ten Tournament Champions. It was already one of the greatest seasons in UW history.

    2. Because Wisconsin entered the tournament as a No. 1 seed for the first time ever.

    Sports Illustrated

    And by the end of the tournament, Wisconsin had definitely proven that they deserved it.

    3. Because this is how Wisconsin center Frank Kaminsky celebrated that No. 1 seed.


    Note the eye contact. It really brings a whole new level to the ball-rubbing.

    4. Because only one win into the tournament, sophomore forward Nigel Hayes noticed the press stenographer. And then he tested her spelling.

    Charlie Neibergall / AP

    "Well, the wonderful young lady over there, I think her job title is a stenographer, yes, OK. And she does an amazing job of typing words, sometimes if words are not in her dictionary, maybe if I say soliloquy right now, she may have to work a little bit harder to type that word, or quandary, zephyr, xylophone, things like that, that make her job really interesting."

    5. Because right before the Sweet 16, Nigel Hayes accidentally called a woman in the press room "beautiful" into the microphone.

    View this video on YouTube

    I guess he didn't realize how powerful microphones are.

    6. And it led to this epic facepalm.


    Sam Dekker and Frank Kaminsky cannot contain themselves. Who can blame them?

    7. Because after Sam Dekker went off for 23 points against UNC in the Sweet 16, the impossible became possible.

    Mark J. Terrill / AP

    "Make 'em believe."

    8. Because two days later, Frank Kaminsky exploded for 28 points against Arizona, and led Wisconsin back to the Final Four. For the second year in a row!

    Mark J. Terrill / AP

    When you're that tall, you only need to go a quarter of the way up the ladder.

    9. Because even Aaron Rodgers couldn't resist joining in on the fun!

    Mark J. Terrill / AP

    Heroes of Wisconsin, unite!

    10. Because back in Madison, State Street went hard!

    You think they might be a little excited?

    11. Because no one was prepared for what happened next.

    USA Today Sports

    The biggest stage. The undefeated Kentucky Wildcats. Lucas Oil Stadium. The Final Four. NBD, right?

    12. Because THEY DID WHAT???

    David J. Phillip / AP


    Darron Cummings / AP

    14. *runs around screaming and high-fiving and hugging*

    Andy Lyons / Getty Images

    If you want to be a Badger, just come along with the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!

    15. Because after beating the unbeatable, the Badgers had some friends waiting for them back at their hotel.

    So, this must be what it's like to be a rockstar? #Badgers #OnWisconsin

    It's a Wisconsin thing.

    16. Because before the biggest game of their careers in front of the bright lights of the sports media, the Badgers stayed true to themselves.

    View this video on YouTube

    17. And of course, Nigel Hayes arrived in style.

    Its @tmj4 photog Jim Angeli's video of @NIGEL_HAYES riding to presser. We'll show you hilarity at 10:20 #Badgers

    Classic Nigel.

    18. Because Wisconsin's own Frank Kaminsky was this year's NCAA Player of the Year.

    Kiichiro Sato / AP

    Could coach Bo Ryan smile any harder?

    19. Because no matter the final score, the Badgers made Wisconsin proud in the National Championship.

    David J. Phillip / AP

    You wanted a game? You got one!

    20. Because no other team gave their fans this many amazing memories.

    David J. Phillip / AP

    21. And no other fanbase was more proud of their team.

    Andy Manis / AP

    Let's go, Badgers! *clap clap* *clap clap clap*

    22. Because while players come and go, Wisconsin still has Bo Ryan.

    Michael Conroy / AP

    23. And Bo's many, many amazing faces.

    Michael Conroy / AP
    David J. Phillip / AP
    Mark J. Terrill / AP

    On Wisconsin!

    Andy Manis / AP