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    17 Things People Obsessed With Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Will Understand

    "So here I am, doing everything I can."

    1. Finding skate videos in the most inexplicably inconvenient places:


    2. Actually having fun at "school" for once:


    3. Turning on cheat codes and going for the highest score possible:


    4. The greatest song ever:

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    5. Unlocking secret characters and mastering their special signature tricks:


    6. Showing your friends Rodney Mullen's video in THPS3 and watching them have their minds' totally blown:

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    7. Wondering why Chad Muska was constantly wearing a backpack:


    8. And, as the series progressed, coming to the slow realization that Chad Muska might just be kind of a weird guy:


    9. The thrill of landing your first 900, and the subsequent letdown when you realized it wasn't that hard to do:


    10. Finding it impossible to look at any ledge IRL without visualizing doing a crazy grind combo on it:

    Josh Edelson / AFP / Getty Images

    11. Same for any staircase/handrail situation:

    Jewel Samad / AFP / Getty Images

    12. Thinking this guy was pretty much the coolest:


    13. The ~other~ greatest song ever:

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    14. Having fond memories of warehouses:

    15. Once the game introduced the ability to do a manual, seeing how many tricks you could do in a row without falling:


    16. Feeling like a total badass whenever you went outside to skate after playing a round of THPS:

    17. And, of course, trying (and failing miserably) to do anything you just did in the game IRL:


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