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Winning the Lottery

Winning the lottery can be quite a challenge especially if you don’t play that often. I used to buy five one dollar tickets every other month until it was clear the chances of winning a big jackpot may not ever occur in my lifetime. Every once in a while I might win five dollars or at least break even. I read about people winning the lottery every once in a while and sometimes they win big, sometimes as high as ten million dollars. The only consolation I ever get is knowing these people live in nearby areas that I recognize, but never anyone I know. Every once in a while I will read in the local newspaper about a group of employees purchasing lottery tickets together. Winning the lottery in this manner increases the odds for everyone if they purchase their tickets together. It’s a lot better to win a share of each winner’s ticket than to not win at all. Usually lottery pools are small in size, about 10 – 20 employees. When purchasing lottery tickets in a pool, chances are, several individuals are going to win. Even if only five members of the pool win five dollars each, at least everyone can share in the winnings. Can you imagine if a group of 100 persons formed a lottery pool together? Or how about 10,000 persons joining a lottery pool together. WOW! This sounds like fun. Their winnings may not be as high, but winning something is better than nothing. Who knows, maybe someone will win the big one. Can you imagine a group of 100,000 persons, or more, playing one dollar lottery tickets twice a week, every week, what the potential of winning it big will be? Surely, this is a lot better than playing alone. Well, this may seem impossible, but its not. By joining Zxotto, a legal lottery pool, everyone has one thing in common, winning the lottery.

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