10 Baseball Fans Who Should Be Given Major League Contracts

Sometimes the most exciting play in the ballpark happens in the stands. And whether you’re on the phone, carrying drinks back to the seats, or holding your infant, you have got to be ready to make the play.

This fan catches a foul ball while on the phone and does not flinch. VERY boss.

Daddy effortlessly catches foul ball while holding toddler.

This superfan heads to concession for drinks and returns to the seats with drinks and homerun ball.

Foul ball beer catch and foul ball beer chug. What a modern day hero looks like.

Only thing better than catching a foul ball in a beer cup and then slamming the beer is catching a homerun ball in a beer cup and then slamming the beer. We salute you sir.

Two balls, one strike. Helluva catch.

Extra large popcorn tub means extra large baseball glove, nice work sports fan.

…and here is an extra large baseball glove, hold the popcorn. Great catch Pittsburgh Pirate fan.

Over in Korea, Mom catches ball after in bounces off of her son and epically celebrates while son cries.

This dad leaps while holding his baby and brings home the foul ball eliciting applause from Atlanta braves shortstop Andrelton Simmons.

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