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5 Reasons Why She's Lying When She Says She's Over Valentines Day!

"We don’t leave the romantic stuff for just one day of the year” and “every day is Valentine’s day to us” are common excuses your girl may use to convince you that she doesn't buy into the superficial commercial nonsense that is February 14th but I can ensure you that when that day rolls around your prince charming game better be strong because whether you know it or not its game day.

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1. Have you listened to all the hints you've been given.


It's definitely no secret that the female race don't like to say what they mean! Whether you like it or not Valentines day is the most important tests you'll face this year and the first thing your being tested on is how much you have listened. When it comes to any test there is one key rule. Fail to prepare and you'll be preparing to fail. Get studying your partners every move because those hints will be hiding everywhere.

2. To see what effort you'd actually go to.


Because to do what your told is too inside the box. It would be hard to say someone is a good painter if all they did was colour inside the lines. So you are being told not to make an effort to see if you will make an effort. So make that effort!

3. To see how well you really know her.


Why does she want to keep you in the dark? Because flowers and chocolates are NOT enough! You are being led to believe that V-day is a pile of nonsense because she doesn't want a cliche gift. Its your chance to show your other-half how well you know her. So dig out those private jokes and sentimental memories and get creative.

4. She wants to showcase your relationship.


Feb 14th is the day that you are suppose to be most loving to one another and leave no confusion, one of the most important things you need to give your girl is a solid social media post. Don't be afraid to hurt your ego, those brownie points will be worth it.

5. She wants to be spoiled.


Cinderella may have been a simple country gal but even she wasn't impartial to a fancy pair of shoes. She may say she's not materialistic and its the small things that matter but trust in me, pushing the boat out and thinking big will be all too rewarding.

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