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    • BN

      Thank you so much for sharing. I have been struggling with this too. I am not a narcissist at all and most people I meet tell me that I am down-to-earth and mature—usually thinking I am much older than my age. That being said, I have been grappling with my feelings about my sister’s pregnancy. I want to be so unbelievably excited; how amazing is it for her to create life!? Yet, it is taking every ounce of energy from me to fake my enthusiasm. I feel like a stupid child but I can’t seem to shake my resistance.
      I’ve come to realize that I am not being childish, I’m simply mourning the loss of our relationship as it is now—and that IS sad. (It seems it would be just as sad if she moved to the other side of the Earth, right?)
      I think you said it perfectly. “What was more jarring was the realization that my best friend and I would never again be as close as we were before she had a baby. From now on her mind, her heart, would always be elsewhere.”
      I’m really going to miss the relationship we had. I hope it will be replaced with a similarly strong, yet different one.
      Thank you again for sharing; it is wonderful to hear from someone who has such a similar personality and experience.
      — Sending positive thoughts to you and your best friend :)

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