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7 Mind-Blowing Predictions About The Future Of Transportation

Today’s science fiction is tomorrow’s science fact.

With new and exciting technologies being developed every day, it’s hard not to get pumped for the future. Here are just a few predictions of the future of transport that will blow your mind.

2017 – Spending ages looking for a parking space downtown could become a thing of the past.

2017 – Your morning commute could come with a view.

2019 – Red stoplights will detect when you're the only person at the intersection and turn green for you.

2020 – You can accept drone deliveries at night when you're actually home — and get care in the event of a crisis.

2021 – 700mph vacuum tube travel will get you from Amsterdam to Paris in 30 minutes.

2023 – You won't need to stress about the person tailgating you, because their car will be in control.

2030 – You'll fly through suborbital space on your way from London to New York.

Want to learn more? BMW has launched a new website so you can stay up to date on more exciting developments in the future of transportation.