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Paid PostApr 13, 2018

This Quiz Will Test Your Ability To Survive A Long Car Drive With Your Kids

"Are we there yet?" For your next road trip, you can find driving advice and inspiration from BMW.

  1. What time have you planned to set off?

  2. What snacks are you bringing along for the ride?

  3. What extra supplies have you packed?

  4. What car game will you play?

  5. Pick a playlist.

  6. Do you dare to trust your kids with map-reading duties?

  7. You only set off 10 minutes ago but your kid already needs the toilet. What do you do?

  8. Your kids *keep* asking you, “are we there yet?” How do you get them to stop?

  9. Plan a roadside stop-off.

Planning a family road trip? Look to the BMW website for advice, inspiration, and driving tips.

All imagery from Getty / iStock