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Rex Harrison Meets Hamilton In Parody-Video, "white people can wrap"

Watch out, MirandaSings, Sir Willister Havisham is here to talk-sing his way to the top of the YouTube.

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Remember last May?

When everyone was buzzing over Civil War, Donald was but a punch line about to be worn out, and a little video called "(white) Hamilton" made its way around the web?

Because if you haven't seen it, you really don't know what you've been missing:

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27,000 other people have enjoyed it; why shouldn't you?

Other videos from the creators featured some of the same characters (including this mysterious rapping English-man)

But not to NEARLY the success for the original.

Until this dropped on our doorstep:

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Studies show that people are more likely to respond to new entertainment when it's compared to things they already know/like.

Like Veggie Tales, Hamilton, The Goonies, A Very Potter Musical, Rex Harrison, or Betty Buckley... to name a few...

So we're not gonna say we heard it from someone, but...

For a $5 donation, you'll receive a personalized video message from Sir Willister Havisham, himself, doing whatever it is you so desire.

Singing, Talking, Talk-Singing, or Rapping anything you can think of.

He has a pretty hilarious list of ideas you DEFINITELY SHOULD HAVE HEARD BY NOW.

So donate to "The Spielers", today! And get your personalized video from the next big Internet sensation!

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