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18 Undeniable Signs The Future Is Actually Here

Hello future. We truly live in amazing times. This trip into the future is courtesy of the BMW i3.

1. We have a toy car on Mars.

2. Russian scientists might clone a woolly mammoth.

3. The selfie stick is about to go airborne.

4. Your new dog walker is a drone.

5. There's a hotel in China staffed almost entirely by robots.

6. Robot journalists are writing breaking news stories.

A robot detected an earthquake in L.A. last year, typed up an announcement, and sent it to the Los Angeles Times, who published it. The timespan between the earthquake's occurrence and publication of the automated story? Three minutes.

7. Some dude 3D printed a robot that can beat any human in air hockey...

8. ...and we're 3D printing ears, jaws, organs, arms, and all sorts of marvelous things.

9. Martha Stewart is even releasing a 3D printable collection of table decorations.

10. Scientists uploaded a worm's brain into a robot.

11. A venture capital firm promoted an algorithm to its board of trustees last year.

12. (Presumably hungry) scientists have created eternal pizza.

13. You may soon be able to live like a villain from Spider-Man.

14. The magic "power laces" are finally coming in 2015...

We have been very patient.

15. ...and the fabled hoverboards have already arrived.

You know that whole "doesn't work on water" thing? Mankind figured that out too.

16. But it's not all frivolous: "Telepresence" robots allow sick kids to attend school and disabled persons to go out into the world.

17. Simultaneous language translation is coming soon.

18. And finally: mind control actually exists.

Oh, and one more thing: Electric cars are now awesome.

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Built in a wind-powered factory with the strength of carbon fiber and the agility of BMW performance, the all-electric BMW i3 redefines our idea of the automobile. Hello future.