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13 Genius Ways To Treat Your Future Self

You're welcome, future me. Begin enjoying tomorrow today, courtesy of the BMW i3.

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4. Make a Pamper Pact (one S.O. or roommate or BFF required). / Via

It's simple: Each of you picks a secret date and a surprise activity you can enjoy together. Set a secret date reminder in your phone. When the day rolls around, you do the OTHER person's surprise activity. Both of you are surprised each time. WIN!

6. When you hear that something you love isn't going to be made anymore, buy AS MUCH AS YOU CAN.

PAUL J. RICHARDS / AFP / Getty Images

It might even be worth something. We've all seen those eBay auctions...

7. Sign up for a _______ of the month club.


Do you love cheese? Wine? Beer? Cooking? Gadgetry? Whiskey? Makeup? Books? Chocolate? Style? There is a month club lurking out there for you. Find it, sign up, and prepare for a joyous new treat in the mail every month.

11. Grow something tasty.


Do you love peppers? A particular spice, herb, or veggie? Taking care of a plant isn't much work, and it adds color to your windowsill. Future you will taste the delicious fruits of your labor.

The future will be here in no time. In fact, some may say it's already arrived.

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Built in a wind-powered factory with the strength of carbon fiber and the agility of BMW performance, the all-electric BMW i3 redefines our idea of the automobile. Hello future.