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✈️ There's No Place Like Brighton ✈️

Teamwork makes the dream work, right? But what if some of your team is headquartered across the country? Let's break down why Jellyfish should send their Social Media Manager from Baltimore to Brighton! ✈️✈️

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1. Meeting the team IRL will be life-changing

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When the only thing you know about your co-worker is the sound of their voice, seeing them in person will add so much more color.

2. Work will be more efficient

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Because real-life teamwork makes the real-life dream work

3. Collaborating with UK employees who work on US projects will make everyone's lives easier

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Favorite or Favourite? I can help clarify.

4. Learning from experts by attending training courses only offered in the UK will make a difference

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Mind blown by social media facts 🔥🔥

5. Sharing US successes will benefit UK campaigns

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Brainstorm sessions on brainstorm sessions

6. This is the epitome of learning from others

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7. Growth in personal brand

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8. Experience the company culture

Brighton likes to get down!

9. The power of social media is unstoppbale

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Are we going viral yet?

10. To help get Bari to Brighton, please sign the petition!

Jellyfish employees only! Copy, paste, CLICK!

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