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10 Old-Fashioned Acts Of Kindness That Should Make A Comeback

As we move into the digital age, sometimes the human touch can get lost. The folks at BMO Harris remember how important it is, and they're always here to help.

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We've all been there: We're preoccupied and rushing to a meeting and don't think to look behind us. But if we all took the time to make some room for others, everyone's day would be a little better.


For many people, long periods of walking or standing are difficult. You may not be able to tell by looking, but many are in pain. Let's all offer our seats when we can and bring some comfort to the world.

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In the age of selfies (and even selfie sticks), this sweet interaction between strangers that used to occur regularly is becoming a thing of the past. But a selfie isn't a substitute for a picture from a different perspective, so when you see people struggling to take a selfie that captures the setting, step in and offer to help.

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Now that we all have the whole internet in our back pockets, it can be hard to quiet the noise, put down our phones, and actually get invested in IRL conversations. But human connection is the best part of being alive, so let's try to get back to it by really engaging with each other in the real world.

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Historically, a barn raising refers to a community coming together to build a barn for a member who needs it. Because each member of the group was entitled to recruit others for help, the favor would eventually get returned to each participant.

Most of us don't need barns these days, but we always need the support of community. The spirit of barn raising comes down to one principle: Help each other out.

The people at BMO Harris brought back an important act of kindness by seeing a friend in need and helping without being asked. Watch Arash's story here.

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