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11 Questions We've Definitely Asked Ourselves While House Hunting

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1. Am I really doing this?

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Breathe in. Breathe out.

2. What if my dream house is only a little bit more than my max budget?

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Like, more than $10.

3. Should I tip my realtor?

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Oh, I guess that happens when I buy the house.

4. Why do some of these houses look nothing like their listings online?

This is worse than Tinder.

This is worse than Tinder.

5. What are my must-haves?

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#1: Bouncy castle.

6. Are the neighbors normal?

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Neighbor introductions should be part of the house tour.

7. Is there a yard? / Via

Asking for the dog.

8. How close is the nearest pizza place? / Via

Because: priorities.

9. How do I put in an offer?

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I'll just plant a flag in the front yard and declare it mine.

10. How could there be four offers already on this house?

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The nearest pizza place isn't that close.

11. Will they take less than asking price?

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I don't think I can take rejection!

12. Did I really just put an offer on a house?

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13. Did I get it?

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OMG, we got it!!!

14. Was it ever even a question?

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I knew I'd get it.

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