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Ten Reasons Why Brett Young Is The Guy You Take Home To Your Parents

The Caliville crooner is making pulses race. Between his good looks and sensitivity, this country heartthrob should be on your radar.

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1. Those sparkly, baby-blues

Instagram: @brettyoungmusic

Mom is sure to get lost in that sea of blue, just like you did.

2. Family brunch? He'll bring the booze

Instagram: @brettyoungmusic

His mimosas are sure to knock their socks off.

3. He can provide entertainment

Correct, your sister’s boyfriend did not write a song about her. You win.

4. Mr. Grey will see you now

And when it’s time for first impressions, he cleans up nicely.

5. Impress your dad with a baseball game

Instagram: @brettyoungmusic

It's not everyday that you get to sing the National Anthem at Dodgers Stadium. And hello there Tommy Lasorda.

6. He's good with kids

Instagram: @brettyoungmusic

He can even make your rambunctious kid sister sit still...and swoon.

7. **Hot guy holding a puppy alert**

Instagram: @brettyoungmusic

And who doesn't love a hot guy holding a puppy??

8. He's not afraid of a family roadtrip

Instagram: @brettyoungmusic

Brett will drive!

9. There is no sold-out show they won't have access to

Instagram: @brettyoungmusic

Because parents should always be treated like the VIPs they are.

10. But lastly...HOT DAMN

Instagram: @brettyoungmusic

Show me anyone who wouldn't be proud to bring that home.

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