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You Will Tear An ACL, Sprain Your Ankle And Develop Turf Toe Just WATCHING This LeSean McCoy Juke

The entire Panthers secondary is at the orthopedic clinic this morning.

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Jeff Siner / Charlotte Observer / MCT / Getty

On the right of this picture is Drayton Florence, a cornerback for the Carolina Panthers. He's had a nice 10-year career in the NFL.

Unfortunately, after last night he will be forced to retire, move to France, and never speak of football again. This is what Eagles running back LeSean "Shady" McCoy did to Florence last night:

By my count that's a feint right, a feint left, a cut right, and another half-feint right while stutter-stepping into a second feint left and cut right. In literally a single second. Linebacker Thomas Davis, who looks like he's wearing concrete snowshoes, pursues the play doggedly only to get a groin-full of Drayton Florence.

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