Worst, Dumbest Human Being In World Located On Twitter After NFL Hazing Incident

What’s harder: being a soldier or being a football player? That’s an easy one for this dude.

1. Matt Ufford, a Marine veteran who served in Iraq, works for the sports site SB Nation. He wrote an informative piece today about the military’s hazing policies pegged to news about the disturbing harassment of Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin.

Miami Herald / McClatchy-Tribune / Getty

2. He got one particular response on Twitter that’s breathtaking even if you’re used to seeing horrible dumb things on the internet.

3. And it didn’t stop there! He had reasoning and everything!


5. The rest of Mr. King’s Twitter timeline includes 9/11 “jokes,” some pro-Boston bombing material, and a picture of his penis. Have a nice day.

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