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Wichita State Underdogs Overcome Bonkings, Face-Elbowings, Ohio Comeback To Reach Final Four

The Buckeyes can't get it done, and the Big Ten is almost finished.

The Wichita State Shockers had a painful time of it today against Ohio State. Dudes fell on them.

And hit them directly in the grill-piece with elbows.

And kind of inadvertently whomped them to the ground on the fast break.

Most gallingly, though, the Buckeyes refused to quit even as Wichita State ran out to a 20-point lead with 12 minutes left. OSU amped up their D and finally hit a few shots (they would still finish the day 5 for 25 from long range), bringing the lead down to three points with three minutes to play.

But the superbly-named Tekele Cotton hit a huge three in the clutch after LaQuinton Ross got confused on defense and left him wide open.

I've watched this play five times and I can't figure out what Ross could possibly have thought he was doing. His reaction seems to imply he thinks someone else screwed up, but who?

While the also-superbly-named Fred Vanvleet rolled in this floater by the skin of its teeth.

From there on out Wichita State just had to hit their free throws to hang on for the victory. They'll head to Atlanta for the Final Four, while Michigan is the only team left breathing from the conference thought to be the nation's best this year. But give credit to Ohio State for playing hard until the end and nearly coming all the way back — and pour one out for the tens of thousands of OSU bros across the country who will never again be able to make a joke about "the shocker" without thinking back to this painful game.