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The Last Year In Sports Was Unpredictable, Spectacular, And (Usually) Fantastic — Just Like Every Year

Sometimes, when you're watching garbage time of a midseason game that involves, say, the Knicks, it's easy to forget exactly how much bonker-balls craziness happens in sports pretty much constantly. With the goal of getting you excited, psyched up and jacked sideways for 2014, here's a review of all the awesomeness, shocking villainy, and general bonker-ballsness from the last year in athletic competition.

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Not an uneventful year, all told. Let's see what you got, 2014.

Correction: The Chiefs won nine games in a row to open the season, Jabari Parker and Duke lost to Kansas, and Mariano pitched the eighth, not the ninth, in the All-Star Game. Thanks to our commenters for pointing out these derps.

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