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    Posted on Aug 6, 2013

    The 7 Most Baller Mormon Basketball Moments Of All Time

    Tom Chambers, Jimmer Fredette, and some random missionaries get fresh.

    In honor of this morning's incredible video of Mormon missionaries bringing the pain in what seems like an impromptu game somewhere in rural America, here are history's seven greatest moments for Mormon basketball players.

    7. The time this anonymous missionary YAMBOED at the rim in a pickup game.

    Rim seems a little low. But that's still some serious air.

    6. Mark Madsen dropping the hammer on the Milwaukee Bucks with this surprisingly fluid move from the perimeter.

    5. When Danny Ainge, who is 6'4", cleanly tackled the 7'1" Tree Rollins after Rollins elbowed him in the head.

    In 1983. Ainge of course also gets credit for being on one of the two or three best basketball teams of all time, the 1986 Celtics.

    4. Jimmer Fredette's 170-foot three-pointer against Gonzaga in the opening round of the 2011 NCAA tournament.

    3. When Madsen took a loose ball with 30 seconds left in an NCAA tournament game Stanford was trailing and dunked it (plus the foul) to put them ahead and send them to the Final Four.

    2. Jimmer Fredette's 180-foot three-pointer against Florida in the 2011 Sweet Sixteen.

    1. And of course, Tom Chambers forcing Mark Jackson to go into hiding for several decades.

    SPECIAL BONUS: The greatest-ever scramble by a Mormon quarterback through the entire Minnesota Vikings defense.

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