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    "Snowpal" Is The New, Gender-Neutral Replacement Term For "Snowman" You've Always Wanted

    Snowpals are the future.

    Snowmen are neat.

    Making snowmen is fun for both kids and adults.

    Even bears like snowmen.

    And yet snowmen are a little sexist.

    It's very old-fashioned, and not in the good way, to imply that being a man is "normal" and that a "snowwoman," say, would be unusual. Did the snowwomen and snowgirls have to stay inside?

    Words like "snowwoman" and "snowperson" and "snowpeople" don't quite have a ring to them, though. They're awkward to say. As words, they do not roll naturally off the tongue like a ball of snow rolls down a hill.

    SOLUTION: "Snowpals."

    This snowpal, for example, is really going to be buzzing if it drinks all of that coffee.

    This snowpal is waiting for its OWN pal.

    (Maybe there was some confusion over which bench to meet at.)

    This snowpal could be dangerous.

    This snowpal went to London and knows that girls can do anything that boys can do.

    This snowpal went on a beach vacation paid for by its friend Jane (a successful female working professional who knows that having a family and a career are not mutually exclusive).

    And this snowpal doesn't like movies and TV shows where the female characters are only around to fall in love with or be rescued by the male characters.

    So consider using the term yourself.

    To help kids learn that pals of all kinds...

    ...are created equal.

    h/t Mom