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Red Sox Fans Affectionately Applaud Yankee For First, Last Time In History

Boston put together a tribute before Mariano Rivera's last game at Fenway. There was a string quartet playing "Enter Sandman" and everything.

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The retiring Mariano Rivera played his last scheduled game at Fenway Park last night, and the Red Sox put together a nice multi-part tribute/roast for the greatest closer of all time. Watch the whole thing here:

The Fenway fans, and Rivera's fellow players, seem to appreciate him as much for his humble/respectful demeanor as for his Hall of Fame achievements.

Gretchen Ertl / Reuters

We can't all have Mariano's talent...but perhaps we can learn from him that, sometimes, the act of "not being a total jackass" pays off. If simply acting like a normal, decent human being can win a Fenway ovation for a Yankee, what can't it accomplish?

Gretchen Ertl / Reuters

Bonus: before the game, a string quartet played Mo's entrance song, "Enter Sandman." These dudes are shredding.

The Boston Cello Quartet is the Mariano Rivera of heavy-metal-covering string quartets.

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