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    Jun 12, 2013

    Quarterback Feeds Giraffe

    San Diego Zoo hosts San Diego football players.

    Ken Bohn / San Diego Zoo

    An excellent tip arrived in the inbox yesterday featuring this sentence: "San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers scored points with giraffes at the San Diego Zoo earlier today as the quarterback fed the animals their favorite food: tasty biscuits." You can see Mr. Rivers and the tasty biscuits above. The giraffes pictured are Nicky (a 15-year-old female, the lower giraffe) and Silver, a 20-year-old male (the upper giraffe). There are five other Masai giraffes in San Diego besides these two, including a month-old baby.

    What exactly makes these tasty biscuits so tasty? A zoo spokesperson says they're made of soy beans, sugar beet pulp and alfalfa meal with nutrients added.

    Here's what sugar beet pulp looks like, apparently.

    MMMMMMMM! Sugar beet pulp: it's what's for dinner, when Philip Rivers is cooking!

    One final BONUS PICTURE: quarterbacks holding a bird! That's Charlie Whitehurst, left, and Mike Hermann with Matilda, a kookaburra. (And Meredith, a Charger cheerleader.)

    Ken Bohn / San Diego Zoo