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    Oregon Fans Give Birth To Child In Parking Lot Of Michigan Stadium

    It's the Rose Bowl of babies. reports that a baby was born last week in a parking lot at Michigan Stadium, the famed Big House. Young Naomi Wozniak's mother Dominika is a tennis pro who teaches at the university tennis center, and her father Dave is a professor at nearby Eastern Michigan University. As Dave was driving Dominika to the hospital after her water broke, she realized that, with campus and a tourist-clogged downtown still between them and the hospital, the baby was on the way. They pulled over in a parking lot and, by the time Dave had called an emergency dispatcher and come around to Dominika, who was in the back seat, the baby was really on its way. By far the best part of the whole story is Dave's description of his role in the birth at that point: "I just caught it."

    The parking lot they'd pulled into turned out to be on the grounds of Michigan Stadium, beneath the giant block "M" painted on the back of the Big House's north scoreboard. The rub is that Dave and Dominka met at the University of Oregon, and are Ducks fans.

    John Biever / Sports Illustrated / Getty Images

    Per the Wozniaks' interview with local TV station WXYZ, though, Naomi "started as a Wolverine," which is confirmed by our artist's rendering of the incident, below.