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    LeBron James Obliterates Spurs Dunk Attempt With Enough Force To Cause Extinction Of Life On Earth

    The Heat win Game 2 with an exclamation point on top of an explosion on top of a nuclear bomb of a LeBron James block.

    Lynne Sladky / AP

    The Miami Heat were ahead of the San Antonio Spurs by 19 points with eight minutes left in Game 2 of the NBA Finals when Spurs center Tiago Splitter decided to try and dunk on LeBron James. It wasn't an unreasonable thought, given that Splitter is three inches taller than James and had a few steps of momentum heading to the basket. The Spurs were almost certainly going to lose no matter what, but an emphatic Splitter dunk on LeBron might've lifted the Spurs' spirits.

    The Spurs' spirits were not lifted.


    Let's see that again.


    Here it is from the perspective of the rim. ("That [expletive] was ridiculous," the rim said at a post-game press conference.)

    In summary:

    WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP! The NBA Finals are now tied 1-1 with the series heading to San Antonio.