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9 Ways To Trick Your Significant Other Into Letting You Watch Sports

Desperate times, like needing to watch a preseason football game when your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend would rather do literally anything else, call for desperate measures. Here are some of the leading methods of sports-related relationship trickery.

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1. Turn on games you have no interest in watching just to be able to score points by turning them off.

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"Change the channel? Well, if you insist, I guess I can live without the third quarter of Raiders-Browns."

2. Lie shamelessly about the quality of dining and shopping options available in the vicinity of any stadium where you want to go to a game.

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"Oh, yeah, I'm SURE they have an Anthropologie in the South Bronx."

3. Describe your favorite players not in terms of their importance to your team (i.e. what you care about), but in terms of the vibrancy of their smiles and their dedication to charity work (i.e. what your significant other might conceivably care about).

4. Describe games you want to watch in terms of personality conflicts between players on opposing teams, as if you were selling a television drama.


5. Make sure your family obligations coincidentally end up getting scheduled for fall weekends when your football team has a bye week.


"We should really get up to your parents' place sometime — maybe two Saturdays from now?"

6. Develop an extensive knowledge of which players are, or were once, dating celebrities.

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"Well, we COULD watch something else. But did you hear what Tony Parker said about Eva Longoria? SMH, SMDH."

8. Develop a barter system in which, for example, you trade the rights to watch one regular football season game for the obligation to watch two nature documentaries.

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Just never let on that you actually love nature documentaries. Penguins: simply delightful.