7 GIFs That Will Make You Reconsider Your Decision To Fight UFC Champion Jon "Bones" Jones

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ou—

1. Sweden’s Alexander Gustafsson took on Jon “Bones” Jones tonight in a UFC light heavyweight title bout. Jones has never been beaten in the ring/octagon (he lost one match when he was DQ’d) and is probably MMA’s reigning overall badass.

Al Bello / Zuffa LLC / Getty

2. Gustafsson actually did very well against Jones, becoming the first fighter ever to take him to the mat.


That’s his patented “Swedish Hurricane” takedown. (No it isn’t.)

3. The bout went a full five rounds before Jones won a narrow (though unanimous) decision.


4. Jones was able to pull out the victory despite Gustafsson’s control of the first three rounds by, in layman’s terms, finishing the fight by repeatedly whomping Gustafsson in the face really hard. Like this.


5. And this.


This fourth-round elbow turned the tide of the fight.

6. And this. Good God.


7. My face hurts from watching these.


8. Guh.


9. After the fight, Gustafsson’s face told a story written in a language of bruises and pain.

Al Bello / Zuffa LLC / Getty

Both fighters were fairly coherent (and gracious) post-match despite the fact that they were also both reportedly hospitalized shortly thereafter (!!!). This being UFC and humans generally being insane, UFC president Dana White announced Jones’ and Gustafsson’s hospitalizations at the same time he noted the strong possibility of an imminent rematch.

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