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10 Things You Could Do If You Didn’t Have Student Loans

The student loan struggle is real and we all could use a break from reality.

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$27,000 is the average amount of student loan debt – that's A LOT of cash out of your pocket over the next decade. Sometimes it's good to indulge your imagination and think what you could do if you didn't have those student loans to contend with. Here's what we were thinking…

6. Make a Low, Low, Low Budget Indie Horror Film $27,000

“Back when I was into indie filmmaking…” sounds much better than “back when I was eating Ramen to pay off my student loans…”

10. Go on Storage Wars and Blow It on a High Risk Treasure Hunt $26,995

Fingers crossed for rare artifacts and no Hannibal Lecter creepy corpse car… Wonder how much he had to pay in student loans?

Once you're done thinking about all the cool stuff you could do if you didn't have to deal with student loans, check out for tips on getting done with yours!

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