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    10 Astonishing Reasons Why Living In Sweden Is So Great

    Surrounded by beautiful people and get paid for pretty much everything.

    1. Parental leave

    In Sweden, parents do have the right to stay at home with their newborn child until the baby is 18 months old. As a parent, you do actually get paid even though you’re at home playing with your child for 480 days until the child is 12 years old.

    2. Free education

    All education is FREE in Sweden. You or your children can go to school for free from the day you start first grade at the age of 6 until you graduate from university. Why saving money all your life to send your kids to collage if you can move to Sweden and have them in school for free?

    3. Paid education

    We mentioned that education is free in Sweden. From the day you turn 16 you do actually get paid to go to school. During high school you get paid 120 US Dollar every month, this money is free to spend on whatever you want since everything in school is for free, including lunch every day. If you decide to go to university your allowance increases to 350 US Dollar every month to cover your literature, for example.

    4. 5 weeks paid vacation

    Are you struggling with your boss to get some weeks of for your holiday or just to have a good time with your family? In Sweden, you have the right to take 5 weeks off from work every year, and yes, you do get paid while on holiday. Many swedes take the opportunity to go abroad during the cold winter and then enjoy great Swedish summer during the remaining weeks. IF you don’t use your days off you can save them for the following year.

    5. Sick children care

    As a parent, you have the right to stay home with your sick children up to 120 days a year. You might know think that it would affect your income, then you´re wrong. As a icing on the cake you do actually get paid.

    6. Health care

    Forget all the sleepless nights due to high insurance-costs. In Sweden health care is free until your 20 years old. Unfortunately you got to pay as much as 20 US Dollar, which is what you spend on drinks on Wednesdays after work. It doesn´t matter if you´ve got a sore throat, broken neck or need a heart surgery.

    7. Child-allowance

    Having kids is normally synonymy with high costs. In Sweden, you get an allowance per child, and it increases the more kids you´ve got. For one child you get 135 US Dollar and if you manage to get six children you do get as much as 1350 US Dollar. The more the merrier.

    8. Work 40 hours a week

    A regular workweek in Sweden is 40 hours. In some businesses you do get paid 200% if you have a inconvenient schedule, for example nights, Saturday afternoons and Sundays.

    9. Surrounded by good-looking people / Via

    Besides the amazing welfare, you might have decent chance of finding a good looking partner. In fact, people from the Nordic countries (which include Sweden) are one of the most good-looking in the world, if not the most good looking.

    10. Swedish FIKA

    Last but not least, Swedish Fika. Having a cup of coffee and a cinnamon bun with your friends and neighbors plays a big part in the Swedish Culture. It´s not unusual to have fika-breaks at 9am and 3pm while you´re working.