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Hottest 80s And 90s TV Characters

They don't make them like they used to!

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4. Alf "Blossom"

Sure this was a guest spot in a dream sequence, but darn it if Alf wasn't the hottest thing on this series. If Alf is guarding Heaven I hope I die right now. And if carving the word Alf into my flesh over and over is a sin - I better quit!

5. Alf "Hollywood Squares"

I can barely see him, but I can feel him. He's calling for me. He wants me too. Our love will never be torn apart. He loves me and I love him. Anyone that comes between us will be laid to rest. Circle gets the square.

6. Alf "Cartoon All Stars to the Rescue"

Who can focus on the anti-drug message when Alf is flaunting his stuff? I dream of Alf. No woman on Earth can compare. I give it all to you, Alf. You are the Alpha and the Omega. You are my beginning and my end. To you be the glory and the power. I will do anything you say. I will kill for you. You are my addiction.

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