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Friends Plot Holes You Never Noticed

Could you *BE* any more inconsistent?!

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The Foosball Table

Sometimes it's a standard issue table with plastic figures and other times, the players are living, breathing four inch tall people connected to one another via a metal rod. Did they think we wouldn't notice?

Ross's Diet Habits

In the third episode of the fourth season "The One Where Ross Eats Mayonnaise For The First Time" the entire episode focuses on the gang celebrating Ross for eating mayo for the first time. Did the writers forget about the 18th episode of season two where Ross ate an entire jar of mayonnaise while staring into the camera, never blinking, never breaking eye contact for a full seven minutes?

The Origin Of The Frame

We all know the commonly accepted story of the frame that adorns the door of Monica's apartment: she bought it a thrift shop, broke the glass by accident and rather than throwing it out, she put it to good use. Then why do we learn in a season nine flashback episode that the frame is Jeff, a former friend who was turned into an inanimate object by a witch for leaving her for another woman?

The Afterlife

In "The One Where Heckles Dies" we learn that there is nothing after death. Just eternal nothingness. But yet when Chandler dies of a brain aneurysm in the series finale, he goes to Heaven and is greeted by Maurice the monkey, who died in season four when Rachel broke his neck in a fit of rage. Sloppy writing, anyone?

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