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Which Member Of The Romanov Family Are You?

Let's face it. We've all thought about what it'd be like to abdicate the Russian Imperial throne at some point or another. Find out what member of Nicholas II's famously martyred family matches your style!

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  1. You're traveling and come across a massive, raging river. You've got to continue forward, but there doesn't seem to be any way around the water. What do you do?

    You tear off your shirt, flex your biceps and power right through the rushing water. You didn't come this far just to back off when you came up against a little water.
    You examine your surroundings, thinking carefully about your options. Brute force isn't going to get you anywhere. Using a nearby fallen tree, you're able to created a makeshift bridge and cross.
    You aren't about to get wet; after all, your clothes are one of a kind, imported from a far off land and crafted by a master designer. You wait patiently on the side of the river and eventually are able to convince a boatsman to help you across for a hand
    You aren't going anywhere near that water. After all, what if you broke an arm or a leg? What if you cut yourself on a sharp rock? No, it'll be best to avoid any chance of getting hurt.
  2. You see a shooting star streaking across the sky and close your eyes to make a wish. What do you wish for?

    A massive library, one filled with every last kind of book imaginable. And, of course, time enough to read them all.
    To be immune to harm, to finally stop worrying about being hurt by the outside world.
    Fantastic strength, beyond anything humankind can match. Power enough to drive your enemies before you and protect those that cannot protect themselves.
    A collection of beautiful, opulent jewels. Luxuries that will be the envy of the entire world.
  3. You sit down on the couch and boot up a video game. What do you want to play?

    Mario Kart. You want something that reminds you of the fun of being a kid. Light-hearted and easygoing is the order of the day.
    Civilization. You want to experience the rich texture of leading a society in a manner that pits your mind against the odds. Plus, it's so much less messy than actual politics.
    Street Fighter. You want to engage in pitched combat, the ultimate battle of reflexes. There's no time for thinking to get in the way when there's a fireball being thrown at your face.
    The Sims. Sometimes it's nice to just sit back and play a bit of house. Maybe it's a bit cruel to toy with these little digital people's lives, but you're above them anyways.
  4. You've found a mysterious alien artifact and suddenly acquire incredible powers! What are your abilities?

    Telekinesis. You've always been more interested in working out your mind, so it's a perfect fit that now it's your strongest muscle.
    Invulnerability. No more stubbed toes or paper cuts for you; in fact, you probably wouldn't even bruise if you were hit with a tank shell now.
    Super-strength. Let's be honest: You've always wanted to be able to leap huge distances in a single bound, or punch straight through a brick wall. Now you can.
    Frost Touch. There's nothing as beautiful or as deadly as ice, and now it's power is yours to command. Freeze your enemies or create beautiful ice crystals. Or both.
  5. You've led an incredible life and your memory will live on in the hearts and minds the world over. What are you remembered for?

    For your strength of will and uncompromising character. You never backed down from a fight and others will forever respect that.
    For your intellect and thoughtfulness. You always had a wise word on your tongue and never spoke harshly.
    For your sensitivity. You always understood what it meant to be vulnerable, and you brought that compassion to the way you dealt with others.
    For your style. You always had a unique, radiant way of looking at the world. From your attire to your possessions, you brought a unique flair to the eye of the world that won't be seen again soon.

Which Member Of The Romanov Family Are You?

You got: Nicholas II

Listen, it's hard to live up to everyone's expectations. You're on the quiet side, you've got a good head for books and like thinking about big ideas, but you've never been the alpha dog. You've never wanted to be. In spite of it all, in the end you face whatever comes your way with dignity.

Nicholas II
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You got: Alexander III

You're no pansy, the world needs the strong. You're the kind of person who'd hoist the fragments of a burning train with the sheer power of your impeccable biceps to make sure the people depending on you can escape. Sure, you're a little harsh on others when they can't look out for themselves, but it's just because you're trying to call them to the higher standard you set.

Alexander III
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You got: Alexandra

You've got a powerful air about you. Your looks intimidate others and you may often seem cold and aloof, but there's a warm heart beneath your frigid exterior that cares deeply for those closest to you. You believe in things bigger than yourself, sometimes even to your detriment, but you never lose faith.

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You got: Alexei

You've had it rough. It hasn't been an easy life, and sometimes it feels like your own body is working against you. But there are people around you who care about you deeply, people you can be vulnerable with. Some may try to take advantage of you and all you have to offer, but at the heart you keep your innocence carefully protected.

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