10 Shows I Seriously Enjoyed That I'm Convinced No One Else Has Heard Of

    I love TV.

    I love watching TV, primarily comedies, but there are some shows I adore that I don't think anyone else has seen or even knows about. So I'm making this list to see if there are people out there with similar tastes in little-known shows. Or maybe you'll discover these hidden gems from this post! Feel free to leave your little-known favorite shows in the comments!

    1. Everything's Gonna Be Okay (2020–2021)

    2. Joe Pera Talks With You (2018–2021)

    3. Other Space (2015)

    group of people in space suits stand in a doorway. someone says, "so we're lost?" another person says, in response, "congratulations."

    4. I'm Sorry (2017–2019)

    5. I May Destroy You (2020)

    6. Florida Girls (2019)

    7. Playing House (2014–2017)

    8. Somebody Somewhere (2022–present)

    bridget everett stands in front of a microphone, about to sing

    9. Rutherford Falls (2021–2022)

    ed helms is being pulled away from a podium, yelling, "i'm not done telling these people why they're wrong and stupid!"

    10. And Alone Together (2018)

    Are there any shows you've seen and enjoyed that deserved more love? Let me know in the comments below!