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11 Times Patrick Stewart Proved He Was A Comedic Genius

Sir Patrick Stewart: dignified, talented, noble, philanthropic, and completely silly. Don't miss him at his comedic best in Blunt Talk, new episodes Saturdays at 9p ET/PT on Starz.

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1. When he showed off his impeccable table manners:

He can so pull off playing with his food.

2. When he realized helicopters weren't really his thing:

3. When his relaxation skills were everything:


4. When he shared some highly necessary #gelatohacks:

#conespo for dayz.

5. When he put his best fruit forward:

Who doesn't love winter citrus season?

6. When his selfie game was this strong:

7. When he demonstrated his travel savvy:

In Spain. Finishing every sentence with "en serio" and it seems to be working.

8. When he shared some stellar decorating tips:

I love stoop sales! Decor magic for twenty quid! Going for a "tiki" theme in my dressing room at the Cort Theatre...

Sir Patrick + tiki?? TAKE US THERE.

9. When he took a short break from acting:

Bespoke driveway clearing. Special holiday rates available.

PStew clearing our walk is everything we could want for Christmas and more.

10. When his wise observations were completely on point:

11. When he demonstrated his sarCATsm:

And when he signed up for a role you never thought you'd see him in:

I did things on camera for #BluntTalk that I would never do in a locked room alone. Enjoy. @BluntTalk_Starz

We love him. To check out more of his brilliance, don't miss Blunt Talk, new episodes Saturdays at 9p ET/PT on Starz.

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