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7 Native Animals You're Likely To Meet Camping In Australia

They are cute, furry and sometimes hilarious. Here are 7 Aussie animals to watch out for in Australia.

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Spend some time camping in Australia and you'll soon realise that Australian campsites are not like other campsites around the world. It's not the buildings or the amenities that are different. It's the wildlife. From Kangaroos to Emus to Koalas, if you are hiring a campervan to travel around Australia, bear in mind that you will often be sharing your camp site with some unusual Aussie personalities.

1. The Wombat

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We all know that one guy who is travelling by himself and happens to set up his campervan next to your site. His name is Wombat. You don't know him from a bar of soap, but he's more than happy to make himself at home on your stuff.

3. The Quokka


In many other countries, the call of nature at a campsite is a private affair involving just you and the trees. In Australia, the call of nature is a public forum where the wildlife take the opportunity to snap you in a selfie! Eat your heart out Walt Disney!

5. The Goanna

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We've all had that awkward moment when we've woken up next to a 'goanna' in our tent after a hard night on the booze. These guys caught the moment this camper takes the 'walk of shame'!