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Say Goodbye To Your Noisy Generator And Welcome Bluetti’s New Solar Power Station

Ditch your noisy gas generators and go solar with the Bluetti AC300 and B300. Learn more at!

When it comes to generators, going green can have a big impact — for the environment and for you.

Bluetti generator in family room

That's why Bluetti, the portable solar storage pioneer, has released the AC300 and its expandable battery, the B300.

Bluetti generator sits outside on a lawn

What's the AC300, you ask? Well, it's a modular solar power station — a solar power station that maxes out at 6kW (24.6kWh).

Bluetti generator sits outside next to power tools

You're likely familiar with regular generators, which can be noisy, costly, and high-maintenance.

Bluetti generator helps power a jam session between father and son

The AC300 and B300 are capable of receiving 2,400 watts of MPPT solar charging input, making it easier than ever to go full-time solar.

The AC300 operates as quietly as a whisper, requires little to no maintenance, and offers a seamless, uninterrupted power supply in the face of outages.

Bluetti generator in a garage providing energy to a power tool

The best part? It allows for the connection of the new Bluetti Fusion Box Pro, which will double the voltage, power and capacity up to 6000W, 240V, and 24,576Wh.

Person uses Bluetti generator to power their washer and dryer

And with a four-year, worry-free warranty, you'll feel comfortable knowing Bluetti has your back.

Mother and daughter play piano generated by Bluetti generator

All imagery courtesy of Bluetti.

Don't settle for anything less than the best: Get your AC300 and B300 at today!