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    Top 3 Absolute Necessary Stores For A Safe Corona-Free Back To School Shopping!

    Back to school is just around the corner. There is no getting around that this years back to school shopping will be very eh... special.

    1. 1. Sunny School Store

    Sunny School Store's homepage.
    Sunny School Store / Via

    Sunny School is by far my personal favorite it has all the school supplies you would need and it is a super safe and easy website. Right now they also has a huge back to school sale where the WHOLE store is on sale! Check Sunny School Store here: Sunny School Store

    2. Apple

    Apple's mac collection.
    Apple / Via

    Yes, school supplies is important, but the most important school supply this year will be a good functioning PC or tablet. Personally I think the Mac book air and Mac book pro is better than HP and Chromebooks. At least for school since they have a lot of functions and are easy to use. Apple's website: Apple's Mac collection

    3. IKEA

    IKEA / Via

    I know what you are thinking "IKEA, what?". But yes, you heard right, IKEA. Under these corona circumstances we will all be at home a bit too much. Because we want to be both effective and comfortable in our home office, we need good work chairs and desks. The best place to get these necessities are IKEA. I recommend the Reneberget chair, it's great and comes at a reasonable price, combined with the Alex desk. IKEA: IKEA

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