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These 12 Charts Show Why You Should Care About Renewable Energy

This energy stuff is kinda complicated, tbh. But by designing an energy solution that’s right for your business, you can be freed up to focus on the important awesome desk toys. Awesome desk toys are a must.

1. First, the basics. America’s energy supply comes from a lot of different sources.

2. Most studies predict that the percentage of energy we produce by renewable sources will rise quickly over the next decade.

3. Other more traditional sources of energy, like coal, have decreased as newer sources, including renewables like solar power, gradually take their place.

4. If that seems a little abstract, think of it this way: The average American consumes the energy equivalent of about 31,000 burritos per year. Right now, about 4,000 of those burritos are “renewable.”

5. Rising renewable energy is great news because the American business demand for energy is growing even faster.

6. As indispensable as they are, computers and other office electronics make up only 8% of the energy consumption of the average American business.

7. We’re particularly energy dependent here in the US, consuming the energy of a population three times our size!

8. But despite our massive energy demands, the future of renewable energy sources like solar and wind power is bright.

9. Harnessing natural energy sources like wind power generates a truly surprising amount of power.

10. It’s not just the responsible thing to do for the planet; it’s good for our economy too.

11. When it comes to energy efficiency, American businesses definitely have room for improvement.

12. And sometimes saving that energy (and reducing costs) is as simple as pushing a button.

All images by Lyla Ribot for BuzzFeed

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