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    Dear World: Peanut Butter And Jelly Is Delicious

    I'm here to stop the PB & J hate!

    Here it is, the All-American classic...

    Gav / Via

    Delicious, gooey goodness...

    We grew up on it as kids, and many adults still enjoy this timeless staple...

    Gav / Via

    The basic that rules all...

    It has evolved beyond cold jam and spread to some even liking them grilled.

    Courtney / Via

    And has even been reconstructed into other desserts!

    Chris Scheuer / Via

    Peanut butter jelly bars??? Yes please.

    So please, respect the PB & J. You may think it's weird, but give it a try. It's darn delicious.

    National Today / Via

    Mmmmm...up close...

    And if you don't like it, deal with the fact that this is an American staple, we DO EAT IT, and we DO LOVE IT.

    Catalina / Via
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