Neil Gaiman And Amanda Palmer Raise $88K In 2 Days

Literary-and-music power-couple Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer launched a campaign to fund a Halloween-timed West Coast tour via Kickstarter, offering shiny packages for backers. Their goal was $20K, but in just over 48 hours, they've more than quadrupled that. That is a lot of social media ROI!

bluephoenixnyc • 6 years ago

The Smartest Conversation On Facebook

The best antidote to the 5 Dumbest Conversations on Facebook you'll come across. Is it just me or does one feel just a little smarter attempting to parse all that jargon? (via Reddit)

bluephoenixnyc • 7 years ago

The Most Patriotic Chess Set

Gift-giving can be so hard. But thanks to this scoop from Gizmodo, it can be awkward, too! Comes in several versions, including America vs. Taliban and Britain vs. Iraqi insurgents. The best part? It's made by a Canadian toy company.

bluephoenixnyc • 7 years ago

Cartoon Versions of Smartphones

More and more kids are using smartphones these days. And some say that it's not a good thing. But maybe they just learned the habit from their favorite cartoon characters, some who have been getting bailed out with smartphones or smartphone-like tech since before smartphones even existed.

bluephoenixnyc • 7 years ago

Cats Celebrating Internet Week

Hey everybody! Internet Week New York has begun! And what better way to celebrate than a gallery of lolcats attempting to negotiate computers?

bluephoenixnyc • 7 years ago

This Bollywood Movie is Currently Trending On Twitter

Thanks to an Indonesian TV channel, this film is currently trending across Twitter. If you're not up to scratch on your Bollywood, familiarize yourself here.

bluephoenixnyc • 7 years ago

Arianna Huffington Loves to Quote and Shakespeare in the Same Speech

While Arianna Huffington is embroiled in a battle with her ex-bloggers, she did make some time out to stop by ad:tech, a marketing industry conference, and give a keynote. She quoted two very different poets: Shakespeare and even retweeted the Huff love.

bluephoenixnyc • 7 years ago