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How To Avoid Getting Jamele Hill'd

You've seen the tweets about SportsCenter anchor, Jamele Hill, being suspended? Let me explain the situation, and how to avoid one like it.

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ESPN Suspends Jemele Hill

Today, ESPN released an official statement: ESPN suspends anchor Jemele Hill for violating social media rules.

The statement was brief, and to-the-point so you know ESPN meant business. Hill had been announced suspended and was even previously reprimanded by management about impulsive tweeting due to the possible negative effects on colleagues, and the company brand.

In light of Hill's tweet Sunday, encouraging Dallas Cowboys fans to boycott the team's advertisers if they disagreed with the owner, Jerry Jone's comments about players being unable to play for his team if they disrespected the flag.

Well, ESPN didn't allow too many chances for Hill. After chance number two, they suspended her for violating social media guidelines because her actions were affecting the company and her team. More specifically, for using her black voice ever so freely and eloquently on her Twitter account.

According to All Black Media, Hill's co-host of SportsCenter "SC6", Michael Smith is not scheduled to appear on this coming Monday's show. Can you imagine why, though this was agreed upon by both he and ESPN?

This happens often

We have to have a more important discussions about what happened here, because this happens every day, to people who aren't on television.

Prestigious, white corporations like Facebook and ESPN have the money and the power to make calls like they did with Jemele Hill if guidelines aren't adhered to. Even if those guidelines feel prejudiced, oppressive, and unscrupulous. Not to say that a social media guideline is out of the ordinary, but the timing and overall enforcement if can make the difference between people accepting accountability and shouting racism!

Because Hill took to Twitter to advise fans to boycott Dallas Cowboys advertisers due to the team owner, Jerry Jone's comments of benching players who kneel during the national anthem, she was suspended.

This could have been avoided if Hill chose against professionally tweeting her feelings about boycotting the Cowboys advertisers. According to her account, it was for work! Talk about impulsive.

Don't get Jemele Hill'd

The Twitter account Hill used to tweet is not for her personal use, but for ESPN. I believe that this was another impulsive tweet that caused her to be suspended. It looks bad, especially now, as we stand up to white supremacy and against an aloof president. Still, for every action, there is a reaction.

This is why Jemele wasn't fired but suspended. ESPN trusts in her but reprimanded her for impulsive tweeting because it can ruin reputations.

The public goes insane with the little information ESPN, Jemele, and the media gives. We'll run with a scenario of Hill being the oppressed black women in 2017 because that is relevant and so very true.

Relevance matters, but what also matters is how to avoid being Jemele Hill'd in the regular world, especially when you work a 9-5. Avoid being Jemele Hill'd by disbelieving that social media is your best friend, it is not. It wants you to tell it what is on your mind. And, you know, sometimes it's best to keep your mind to yourself. If you're working for a totally prestigious white corporation like ESPN, only speak your mind to close friends who appreciate your individuality.

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