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Which OU College YL Leader Are You?

See which Ohio University College YoungLife Leader you are!!! Take this fun quiz to see which OUYLC leader you are most like! :)

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  1. 1. Favorite snack

    Google Images
    Fruit Snacks
    Biscuits and Gravy
    Pretzels and Peanut Butter
    Peanut Butter
    Fruit Snacks
    Chex Mix or Goldfish
    Wavy Potato Chips and Dip
    Chips and Salsa
    Easy Mac
    Mozzarella Sticks
    Cliff Bars
    DP Dough
  2. 2. Most likely to be found on campus?

    Alden with breaks at 11 Stew
    My bed
    WOUB Studio
    Anywhere with coffee
    Running late to something on campus
    Lib (cluster amirite?)
    Behind the coffee bar
    Sami's Dorm
    "Somewhere in between Bagel Street and Alden"
    In West 82 hanging with someone
    Child Development Center
    My office
    Front Room
    In a tree or at Baker
  3. 3. Where ya from??

    Hamilton, OH
    Columbus, OH
    Fredericksburg, VA (if you don't get this, they will be upset)
    Columbus, OH
    Cincinnati, OH
    Lebanon, OH
    Monroe, OH
    Westerville, OH
    Hilliard, OH
    Mason, OH
    Upper Arlington, OH/ Persia
    Columbus, OH
    Cincinnati, OH
    Mason, OH
    Cincinnati, OH
  4. 4. Major?

    Broadcast Journalism/ Marketing
    Ancient History
    AYA Language Arts and Theatre
    Child and Family Studies
    Biology Pre-Med
    Early Childhood Education
    Globalization Studies
    Health Services Administration
    Early Childhood Education
    Pre Professional Biological Sciences
    ILA Education
  5. 5. Thing about you that no one else knows?

    Homecoming King junior + senior year
    afraid of microphones
    Cry when you see lions at the zoo
    Have a small big toe
    in love with Prince Sebastian of Luxembourg
    couldn't tie your shoes until the 10th grade
    have an abnormal uvula
    Have had a leopard gecko for 11 years
    Feel like you should have been alive in the 20's
    Can wiggle ears
    Played drums for 4 years in high school
    Have a birthmark
    Double jointed in fingers and toes
    Fear of costume things
    Sometimes you wake up and wish you were the Avatar
  6. 6. Binge watching on Netflix?

    Jane the Virgin
    How I Met Your Mother
    Grey's Anatomy
    One Tree Hill
    Gilmore Girls
    Grey's Anatomy
    How I Met Your Mother
    Bob's Burgers
    Parks and Rec
    House of Cards
    Grey's Anatomy
    Prison Break
  7. 7. Most common "you" thing to say

    That's what's up
    No worries
    I'm sorry
    I have no clue
    Stop! I have an abnormal uvula!
    Oh, I'm dumb
    For sure
    That's dope
    Ur perfect
    You know what I mean
  8. 8. Celebrity you identify most with:

    Jason Bateman
    Bob Saget
    Jamie Scott (lol)
    Michael Jordan
    Leslie Knope
    MLK Jr.
    Emma Stone
    Ted Mosby (lol)
    Amy Schumer
    Winston from New Girl
    Zooey Deschanel
    Chris Pratt
    Jennifer Aniston
  9. 9. Phone rings. You say?

    hello... hi
    Now witness the power of the fully operational Death Star.... hello
    hi what's up
    hey there, hi there, ho there, how ya doing?
    omg hey!!
    Hi this is ____ with Ohio University Undergraduate Admissions.
    What's up?
  10. 10. It's a Friday night, what are you doing?

    Knitting or watching movies
    Hanging with friends duh
    Being a barista
    Making sure residents are alive
    Leadership, Larry's, then movies with Jack
    Hanging with the homies
    Basketball at Ping
    Dance Party at 3L
    Eating a lot
    Probably painting/dancing
    At 11 or Strouds
    With homies dancing
    In the WOUB Studio and then movie night
  11. 11. You have the aux in the car, what are you playing?

    Every genre possible
    Maroon 5
    Ziggy Alberts
    Whatever Maci wants :/
    Dave Matthews, Coldplay, Tswizzle (i have a playlist ok!!)
    One Direction
    Ben Rector
    24k Magic
    Death of a Bachelor
    Snoop Dog
    Cheap Thrills by Sia
    Good acoustic ish
  12. 12. Biggest pet peeve?

    When you poop and it splashes on your butt
    People chomping ice
    Narrow minded people
    Random screenings at the airport
    Chewing with mouth open
    When people say "crayon" wrong
    Chewing with mouth open
    People that snore
    Loud chewing
    When people try to do things for me without me asking
    When people don't use their straws at restaurants!!! WHY!!
    People with bad breath trying to talk to you
    Hearing people's saliva when chewing

Which OU College YL Leader Are You?

You got: Riley Thompson

This 3L Basement girl is known for her sweet personality and amazing Ariel hair. She's always down for an episode of Bob's Burgers, makes a mean Buff Chick. Dip, and has a dog named Kona. This senior from Mason will be taking a victory lap and we hope she never leaves us. Riley has the best listening ear and an even better heart. Her biggest pet peeve is people mispronouncing "crayon." Commonly seen in Birks with accompanying Kavu pack around campus (but probably Alden, because you know cluster...)

Riley Thompson
Riley Thompson Facebook
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You got: Sarah (aka Kat) Kukula

We get it. We thought she was two people too, but she's really just Sarah Katherine. Kat is one of four sisters, and auntie to one. This girl is the bestest and you can count on her to tell you that "UR perfect" whenever you're feeling down. Known for live tweeting her blind dates (check it out at #mydatewithjimmy). Will drop some real truth in your life, and will always make you feel loved. She's Voight's MVP RA and has a gecko that's 11 years old!!!

Sarah (aka Kat) Kukula
Sarah Kukula Facebook
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You got: Gus Thieken

This almost cheaper by the dozen kiddo (no, but really, there's 8 of them) is our favorite Beta boy and is always impeccably dressed behind the wheel of his 12 passenger van. You'll never see this YLC leader in sweatpants, and he always has a new name for you on your Starbucks cup (whether it's your real name or not). Rocks a fake mustache, has a great sock collection, gives great hugs, and if he were a celebrity, he'd probably be Bob Saget.

Gus Thieken
Gus Thieken Facebook
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You got: Anna Traini

This freshmen YLC leader has the sweetest heart and gives the best hugs. Rocks the tortoiseshell glasses and made up languages. Commonly seen with her bff, Sami Dixon, or making the best donuts at Nelson. If you can count Anna as your friend, then you're lucky enough,

Anna Traini
Anna Traini Facebook
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You got: Jon Kuhr

We will give you a dollar if you can catch this YLC leader not smiling. No, but really. This teddy bear of a junior brings light and bear hugs wherever he goes, and is always down to help his friends. If Jon were a celebrity, he'd probably be Amy Schumer, but much nicer. Catch him at USD or Front Room, but make sure you bring the chips and salsa.

Jon Kuhr
Jonathan Kuhr Facebook
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You got: Allie Chaney

Allie aka Beyonce is a huge fan of all things biscuits and gravy. Known for her sunny personality, incredible club talks, and changing people's lives. She's obsessed with her dog, Peeks. (Peeks had his own portrait photos) ((no, we are not kidding)). If 24k Magic is playing anywhere on campus, then Allie is probably there doing her signature move.

Allie Chaney
Allie Chaney Facebook
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You got: Rachel Kenneally

You thought you were obsessed with tiny humans and Disney movies. Then you've obviously never met Rachel. Known for her tiny human tweets and her big heart, Rachel is the most Disney princess of us all. This senior and Tanka RA MVP has got her wedding planned out on pinterest and is going to be the best Kindegarten teacher there ever was.

Rachel Kenneally
Rachel Kenneally Facebook
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You got: Brie Boothby

You've probably seen this bubbly double major sophomore in her signature yellow rain jacket showing potential Bobcats around campus. Known for her love for all things Dave Matthews, Coldplay, icecream, and dogs, she's usually on her way to the next meeting of the day or in the WOUB studio. She's passionate about customized agendas and being overly involved in campus organizations. Secretly/openly in love with Prince Sebastian of Luxembourg and the state of Virginia.

Brie Boothby
Brie Boothby Facebook
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You got: Hayley Hickman

This sophomore is a straight up baller in all senses. A pre-med major and all out all-star, she's walked where Jesus has walked and been baptized in the Jordan River. Catch her doing awesome things all over campus, but usually running late. Hayley is the friend you wish you had known forever. She loves with the biggest heart and will always answer your 2 am "what do I do with my life" messages.

Hayley Hickman
Hayley Hickman Facebook
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You got: Tom Dixon

Our super awesome area director is known for his living room games. You thought you were good at Celebrity or Charades?? Think again. With secret superpower, Kami Dixon, by his side, this dude places and prays like a pro. With honorable mention to Jack and Maci, the Dixon's as a whole are the family you're still waiting on your birth certificate for.

Tom Dixon
Tom Dixon Facebook
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You got: Taylor Coughlin

This sweet and sassy sophomore is destined for med school. Catch her doing finances at the nuthouse (her sorority, not the Ridges), or brightening people's lives with her love for all things Beyonce. Taylor hails from Mason, and is a world famous competitive jump roper!!!!!! (no, seriously, Comet Skippers y'all)

Taylor Coughlin
Taylor Coughlin Facebook
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You got: Ellen Neuman

This Chaco's in-the-snow-wearing junior is known for her crazy beautiful curls and wise words. Crazy about Mozzarella sticks and late night movies, Ellen is the most down to earth human the world has ever seen. She shines from the inside and makes the world a better place simply by being it.

Ellen Neuman
Ellen Neuman
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You got: Yohannes Berhannes

There aren't enough words to describe Yohannes. He is the most dependent and loyal friend we know, and is there for the good times and the bad. Secretly wishes he could wake up as Avatar the Last Airbender, but he's YLC very own Yoyo.

Yohannes Berhannes
Yohannes Berhannes Facebook
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You got: Behzad Namazi

Behzad, the Persian Prince, the next Beethoven, and the wisest 20-something year old there ever was. Known for saying "that's what's up" and quoting scripture in good times and bad. A fun loving, IArt teaching, PhD student, this guy is the best on the block.

Behzad Namazi
Allie Chaney Facebook
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You got: Cole Smith

Cole freakin' Smith. His love language is hugs, and if you don't know that by now then you obviously don't know Cole. The next doctor, although he could be a character on Scrubs too for how goofy he is, Cole is the best brother you never had. He is awesome, bearded, and gives the best advice with the kindest heart.

Cole Smith
Jon Kuhr
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