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14 Struggles Snack Lovers Know All Too Well

To snack or not to a silly question. To snack, obviously!

1. When that 2:30 p.m. slump hits you without warning:

2. When you're having a terrible day, but snacks make it all better:

3. When someone brings donuts to the office and you get a little bit too excited:

4. When that hangry feeling suddenly hits you out of nowhere...

5. ...and then you eat something and cheer up instantly:

6. When you don't know anyone at the party, but they have a really good snack table:

7. When you get to work and realize you left your almonds at home:

8. When the whole office gets an email with a subject line saying, "Birthday Treats in the Kitchen":

9. When your fridge is full of food, but you can't find anything you want:

10. When you're at the movies and you hear someone snacking nearby:

11. When you haven't eaten anything in 45 minutes and you're pretty sure you're dying...

12. you just decide to eat the closest thing to you, which turns out to be a bad idea:

13. When your friend suggests that maybe you snack too much...

14. ...and when you see anyone else eating literally anything:

Images via Open Road Films

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