Stray Cat ‘Cindy Clawford’ Looking For A Model Home

A homeless cat, nicknamed Cindy Clawford because of a marking resembling the supermodel’s trademark beauty spot, is looking for a new family.

The black and white beauty arrived at the Blue Cross rehoming centre in Felixstowe, Suffolk after being found wandering the streets as a stray.

It wasn’t long before he earned the moniker Cindy Clawford when staff noticed a small black mark on his upper left lip that reminded them of the international model.

Andrew Gillon, Blue Cross Centre Manager, says: “Cindy Clawford is such a lovely cat and he’s a big hit with everyone here at the centre. We actually named him Whisper, but his alternative name has stuck.

“Hopefully his unusual nickname and eye-catching beauty spot will help him attract the attention of a new family.”

When he arrived at the rescue centre the fur around his neck and back was so severely matted that he couldn’t move his head to eat and clean himself.

He was put under general anaesthetic so we could give him a much needed trim and alleviate his discomfort. He now has a wardrobe of stylish coats that he is wearing until his long fur grows back enough to keep him warm.

Andrew adds: “Whoever takes Cindy Clawford home will need to keep his long luxurious locks well groomed so he doesn’t get matted again.”

If you’d like to give this lovely cat a home, please visit his rehoming profile here.

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