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9 Uniquely Festive Blueberry Dishes That’ll Make Your Holidays Extra Sweet

Paint the holidays blue this season by adding a boost of blue (or blueberries) to your favorite holiday classics. Discover your new favorite recipe today!

1. This blueberry babka that's bursting with flavor.

Blueberry babka rests on festive table

2. This blueberry galette bound to beget bushels of compliments.

A blueberry galette sits on a baking tray with one slice removed by a serving knife

3. This blueberry lemon poppyseed bread that's a fusion of morning favorites.

Four slices of blueberry lemon poppyseed bread sit on a tray beside a loaf

4. This blueberry ricotta bruschetta that'll change the way you think about toast.

Several blueberry ricotta bruschetta are surrounded by herb sprigs and scattered blueberries

5. These blueberry brie tartlets that are almost too cute to eat. (Almost.)

Blueberry brie tartlets sit on a serving tray

6. These chewy blueberry gingerbread cookies primed to add a festive flare of fruit to your holiday dessert spread.

One frosted blueberry gingerbread cookie sits in front of a stack of unfrosted cookies

7. This blueberry eggnog that brings a welcome twist to some classic seasonal fare.

two cups of blueberry eggnog

8. This blueberry caramel sauce that proves sometimes condiments are the star of the show.

jar of blueberry caramel sauce

9. This blueberry pie fudge that's no stranger to big flavor.

container with blueberry pie fudge

Imagery courtesy of the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council

Get a boost of blue by remixing your favorite festive treats with blueberries this holiday season.